Most problems or complaints can be resolved quickly and efficiently with the support, involvement or intervention of University staff or your College Tutor. You may also seek independent advice from the Students’ Union Advice Service.  Please note that, according to the Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals, you are expected to exhaust all avenues of early informal resolution before initiating any formal complaint, review or appeal processes.

In the first instance, you should consult and seek the advice of appropriate departmental members of staff.

The officers responsible for receiving student complaints for the Faculty of Clinical Medicine are the Director of Graduate Education, Prof Simon Baron-Cohen and Adisa Broadhurst, Education Supervisor.  We understand that submitting a complaint may be a very daunting task but please be assured that we, and the Departmental graduate Education Committee, are here to help you resolve any potential problems and issues that may arise during the length of your course.  The deputy responsible officer for student complaints in the Faculty of Clinical Medicine is the Secretary to the Degree Committee Ms Lesley Dixon

The Office of Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals (OSCCA) provides procedural advice, case handling and oversight of a number of student procedures including: complaints and the review of examination results.

Information concerning the Student Complaint Procedure is at:

  • Prof Simon Baron-Cohen – Director of Graduate Education
  • Adisa Broadhurst – Graduate Education Supervisor
  • Faculty of Clinical Medicine Deputy Responsible Officer: Secretary to the Degree Committee, Ms Lesley Dixon