Photo NamePhD/MPhilPrimary SupervisorCurrent YearThesis Topic
Juliet GriffinPhDPaul Fletcher5Psychosis, prediction error and uncertainty
Aicha MassraliPhDSimon Baron-Cohen4The effects of prenatal steroid hormones on epigenetic regulation in autism iPSC-derived cortical neurons
Anjalene WhittierPhDPeter Jones4Health system responses to people with intellectual disabilities who are experiencing mental ill health
Arkoprovo PaulPhDSimon Baron-Cohen4Investigating the cellular and molecular basis of brain growth in autism, using human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-derived neurons
Ezra AydinPhDSimon Baron-Cohen4The Cambridge Ultrasound Siblings and Parents (CUSP) Study
Jakob SeidlitzPhDEd Bullmore4Understanding Normal and Abnormal Brain Development using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Ayla SelamogluPhDBarbara Sahakian4Cognition and Adolescent Health
Camice RevierPhDPeter Jones3Eco-epidemiology of recovery in patients
Jessica FritzPhDPaul Wilkinson3Unravelling the Complexity of Resilience through Modelling Resilience Factors Network
Luca VillaPhDJohn Suckling3Brain Structure and Function in Adolescent Depression
Margaret Westwater-WozniakPhDPaul Fletcher3The endocrinology and neurobiology of disordered eating patterns
Mariann KovacsPhDSimon Baron-Cohen3Social and educational vulnerability of young people with special education needs and autism during their transition to adulthood
Matthew LemingPhDJohn Suckling3Investigation of weak link support framework for inter-regional brain connectivity as predictors of neurodegeneration and brain maturation in the human functional connectome
Miroslav VassilevPhDBarbara Sahakian3Decision making and the factors which affect the speed and quality
Sarah HamptonPhDSimon Baron-Cohen3The pregnancy and postnatal experiences of autistic mothers.
Alexander CampbellPhDJohn Suckling2Psychiatric Domain Constructs by Image Feature Clustering
Alexandros TsompanidisPhDSimon Baron-Cohen2Aromatisation in pregnant mothers with autism as a risk factor for the development of autism in their child
April LePhDShahid Zaman2A neurobiological study of cognition and behaviour in drug addiction and intellectual disability
Colleen RollinsPhDJohn Suckling2A multimodal approach towards a neurobiological model for the production of hallucinations in schizophrenia: The role of the paracingulate sulcus, working memory, and resting state functional connectivity.
David GudjonssonMphil part timeBarbara Sahakian2Preference for Order and Symmetry in OCD and Healthy Behaviours
Elizabeth WeirPhDCarrie Allison2The Physical Health of Autistic Individuals and Their First Degree Relatives
Lucie AmanPhDPaul Fletcher2NMH16 Investigating brain mechanisms in the genetically determined neurodevelopmental disorder, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and the relationship to cognitive and behavioural profiles and risk for mental illness
Meijun ZhouPhDPaul Wilkinson2The effects of culture on a student’s intentions and attitudes towards seeking mental health help: A comparative study of Chinese college students in the UK and domestic college students
Nele PerenboomPhDValerie Voon2Development of a Smartphone Intervention for Cognitive Bias / Modification in Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Dependence
Sharon NeufeldPhDPaul Wilkinson2Advancing adolescent mental health research through utilization of modern statistics
Tanya ProcyshynPhDSimon Baron-Cohen2Oxytocin and fMRI cognitive activation in autism
Tsen Vei LimPhDKaren Ersche2Investigating reinforcement learning in stimulant drug dependence
Anna ChaplinPhDPeter Jones1Systematic inflammation as a mechanistic link between the comorbidity between depression and heart disease over the lifespan.
Anujan PoologaindranPhDJohn Suckling1The Neurosurgical Mapping of Higher-Order Cognitive Functions: Improving Post-Operative Rehabilitation with Connectomics
Athina AruldassPhDEd Bullmore1Interrogating the effects of peripheral inflammation on neural connectivity in depression
Ayan MandalPhDJohn Suckling1Avoiding Surgically-Induced Cognitive Deficits for Glioma Patients using Connectomics
Chantal MillerPhDGraham Murray1Behavioural and EEG testing of predictive coding theory of hallucinations
Chloe SchwartzMphilCarrie Allison/Simon Baron-Cohen1The Whole Face Empathy Test: Examining the effect of autism, sex differences, and attachment style
Clark RobertsPhDBarbara Sahakian1Serotonergic Modulation of Neural Dynamics, Cognition, and Emotion
Debora MacedoPhDJohn Suckling1Effects of concussion on attention and cognition
Emma SonesonPhDPeter Jones1Prevalence and identification of mental health difficulties in primary school children
Jennifer NohPhDTony Holland1Integrating longitudinal behavioural, physiological and mental state data using APP-based technology and wearable devices
Jodie RawlesPhDIsabel Clare1How are adults with learning or other neurodevelopmental disabilities supported to make legally-significant decisions?
Lena DorfschmidtPhDEd Bullmore1Trajectories of brain network development, adolescent depressive symptoms and mood disorder
Jennifer NohMPhilTony Holland
Ben PerryPhDGolam Khandaker & Peter Jones
Nazia JassimPhDJohn Suckling1The brain basis of systemizing in adults with and without autism.
Pascal SchlechterMPhilPaul Wilkinson1The interplay between Trauma, Social Support, Self-Esteem and Psychological Distress.
Rachel BellamyMPhilIsabel Clare1Decision-Making in Autism: Investigating the Impact of 'Social Noise' on Product Selection
Suzannah LesterMPhilTony Holland1The brain basis of systemizing in adults with and without autism.
Mary-Ellen LynallPhDEd Bullmore1Identifying and characterising a cellular blood biomarker in treatment-resistant depression
Wojtek BuczynskiPhD – PTBarbara Sahakian1Ethical issues in current and future applications of Artificial Intelligence